Thursday, February 5, 2009

Grammys 2009 Mania

The Grammys are upon us, and over at we're pulling out all the stops for our coverage of the performances, award announcements, fashion, etc.

We'll even have live coverage during the event on Sunday, February 8.

I sure am glad Radiohead is performing, and a few others like Paul McCartney and Robert Plant, because I think I actually hate everyone else associated with the show. Sorry to be negative but it's as though they have purposfully collected musicians I dislike. Kid Rock? Kanye West? Justin Timberlake? Jonas Brothers? And they're all performing. Is this the VMAs or the Grammys, I'm lost.

UPDATE: Sorry I just did some research. It appears the Grammys has always sucked. In 2000, the best new artist was Christina Aguilara (who narrowly beat out Britney Spears). Boy they had their finger right on the pulse there. Best album went to Santana, and best video went to Korn. The Grammys this year actually looks pretty solid, come to think of it.