Sunday, August 12, 2007

UC Santa Cruz Attacked by Donkey Kong

Thank God for UCSC (Or as I like to call it, "University of Cannabis, Surfing and Coffee)...those sandal-wearing, reef-smoking, Frisbee-throwing sons of bitches. This is just beautiful and nuts.

In case you can't tell, that's a large mural of the Donkey Kong arcade game, created entirely out of different colored post-it notes. On the front of the Engineering building on campus.

They must have smoked bushels and bushels of weed. Would've loved to have been in the room when the first guy stood up and went "whoa...I have an idea...hear me out, hear me out..."

What's even crazier, is how Nintendo themselves caught on to this and ripped it off.

In Italy, they've begun doing post-it art of a bunch of their old games, like Zelda and stuff.
It's like what Cartman says when he discovers that the uncool kids have also purchased ninja-weapons: "Ahh man, now every douche bag in town has ninja weapons...lame."